Monday, June 20, 2011

Celebrity Crushes....The Women!

For no other reason than because I am bored, I have decided to compile a list of my celebrity crushes.  So, first off are the women of the entertainment industry that I am in love with (not that I'd ever sleep with them, 'cause that's icky).  These are the actors, singers, and entertainers that I just love to watch, no matter what.  So, here (in no particular order) are my female celebrity crushes (stay tuned for the Male edition of this post):

Mary-Louise Parker
- I loved her in Angels in America, and Fried Green Tomatoes is one of my favorite movies. My lesbian girlfriend told me she's a bitch, to which I replied: "So?"

Julianne Moore
- Julianne Moore can do no wrong in my book. She is absolutely stunning 
(see A Single Man or Far From Heaven for proof), and is an outstanding actress.

Jennifer Nettles
- Lead singer for the country duo Sugarland. 
There is something about her voice that really turns me on.

Robin Wright
- I have loved Robin Wright since I first saw her in The Princess Bride, and I continue to adore her. Not to mention that Forrest Gump is one of my favorite movies.

Debra Messing
- Grace Adler, need I say more?

Jennifer Garner
- Alias is still one of my all-time favorite television shows.  And she can kick ass!

Emma Stone
- Can she get any prettier?  And funnier?  
She was hilarious in Easy A and I am super excited for The Help.

Emma Watson
- Once she got over the awkward early adolescent years (around the time HP 4 came out), she really blossomed.  I love the ads she did for Burberry.

Rachel Maddow
- What's hotter than a liberal, lesbian political pundit? I love watching her show.

- I would make love to her voice. End of story.

Sofia Vergara
- The definition of "vol-ump-tuous." Not to mention that she's incredibly funny. (God, I swear Googling "Sofia Vergara" is like straight-up Googling "Boobs.")

Cate Blanchett
- I know my lesbian girlfriend hates her, but I love Cate. 
(The Aviator, Benjamin Button, Elizabeth, The Lord of the Rings, Babel, I could keep going....)


  1. Oh man! Jennifer Garner should have been on my list too...

    Nice list!

  2. Your lesbian girlfriend sounds like a bitch. I mean that in the best, least offensive way possible, while at the same time sustaining that her opinions on female celebrities are terrible.

  3. I am a bitch. But I really don't like Cate Blanchett (except in Hanna), sorry. And just because I think Mary Louise is a bitch (like me), doesn't mean I don't love her. Because, hello, Weeds. Fried Green Tomatoes. Boys on the Side. I'm a lesbian; I have to love her.

    Love, love, LOVE Julianne Moore. She is an incredible actress, she hilarious, gorgey, and, and, and... Love her.
    Same with Robin Wright. I saw Private Lives of Pippa Lee just for her, Julianne Moore, and Winona Ryder. Because those three in the same movie is like... no words.
    And I will watch anything Debra Messing is in just because it's Grace Adler. And she's frantastic.

    In other news, I approve of all the redheads on your list :)

    "God, I swear Googling "Sofia Vergara" is like straight-up Googling 'Boobs.'" I laughed out loud :D

  4. i am obsessssseeeddd with sofia vergara.