Sunday, February 14, 2010


Okay, it's official: I absolutely LOVE the Olympics!

Congrats to:

3. Johnny Spillane (Silver, Men's Nordic Combined)
~ Spillane is the first-ever medalist for USA in this event.

2. Apolo Ohno (Silver, Short Track) & cutie-patootie J.R. Celski (Bronze, Short Track)
~ Ohno & Celski were going for fourth and fifth, respectively, when on the final turn, two of the three Koreans ahead of them wipe out and allow our guys to take second and third. I know they got it because someone else messed up, but I am still super pumped!

1. Hannah Kearney (Gold, Ladies' Moguls) & Shannon Bahrke (Bronze, Ladies' Moguls)
~ If you didn't watch this, you missed out! Bahrke makes a spectacular run, but is beat out by an almost perfect run by Canadian Jennifer Heil. Last up is Kearney. It's do-or-die. She executes a flawless run and takes away one of Canada's chances to finally take gold on home turf (that honor went tonight to Alexandre Bilodeau in the Men's Moguls!).

Okay, so seriously, how cute is speed skater J.R. Celski? Oh man, everytime I see his face I want to squeal!

And what an incredible story about him coming back from an almost career-ending injury! Whoo! Someone cool me down!


  1. Go Team USA!...and Canada too (I have Canucker friends who would positively kill me if I didn't say that. hehe)

  2. haha. I just put Celski in my last post too before they had the race. But yeah, crazy stuff how they won. Oh well. We're americans, we'll take anything.