Thursday, December 2, 2010

What is Your Favorite Christmas Movie?

I love Christmastime.  I'm not ashamed to admit it.  I get giddy when I see Christmas lights.  I turn up the Holiday tunes as soon as it becomes socially acceptable for me to do so.  And I absolutely LOVE Christmas-themed movies (or movies that take place during the Christmas season). So I compiled a list of some of my favorite Holiday movies.  But I really would like to know YOUR favorite Christmas movie (plus it gives me a good opportunity to try this new polling system I found).

Bonus Points to whoever can guess MY favorite Christmas Movie from this quote:

Kid: "We've been given our parts in the Nativity play. And I'm The Lobster."
Mom: "The Lobster?"
Kid: "Yeah."
Mom: "In the Nativity play?"
Kid: "Yeah. First Lobster."
Mom: "There was more than one Lobster present at the birth of Jesus?"
Kid: "Duh."


  1. Really tough to pick just one of those for the poll. I put in an "other" vote for The Family Stone. Not sure if that qualifies as a Christmas movie but it does take place at Christmas... two Christmases if you include the closing scene.

    It's one of my favorite movies... and not just because of the gay couple and the Mom who fiercely defends them. The family interactions are raw and honest. I feel like I learn about myself and my family when I watch it.

    All that said: I'd like to also cast votes for Wonderful Life and Love Actually. (I recognized the quote also... great pick!)

  2. I have this thing for Beauty and the Beast and the Enchanted Christmas...

    It's this feature length Christmas movie that allegedly happens in the middle of the original Beauty and the Beast. Mostly I love it because Tim Curry is the voice of a giant, evil pipe organ named Forte. :P

  3. The thing is that Love Actually is one of my favorite of favorites, but I always forget that it's a "Christmas movie." So, I had to go with Christmas Vacation because my family watches that EVERY YEAR and when I think of Christmas, I think of that movie.

    P.S. Love you. Love everything about you. Thinking about being you for Halloween ;)

  4. Almost two years ago to the day I did my own post on this! Neither of my favorites are on your list. But if you care to know what they are and why I like them, go here:

  5. I would just simply like to state that I liked several movies on that list. And I want to see Make the Yuletide Gay. I need a corny Christmas love story! Love the post :)

  6. I enjoy your blog! So who are you? Do I know you? Do you go to USGA? Are you still going to BYU and church? jw.