Friday, February 11, 2011

Irrational Fear

Why do I let what other people think take such a hold over my life?

I have always had an irrational fear of rejection and disappointing people, that I rarely am honest with anybody. Lest I say something that will tarnish the relationship I have with that person. It's the exact reason I never came out to anyone for so long (thank god that my mother had the chutzpah to ask me if I was gay).

The worst is when I find something that I enjoy (a movie, a book, a singer, etc.). It doesn't matter how many people agree with my thoughts, it only takes that one person to say "I hate that thing that you really like." To me, that is akin to them saying, "I think you are stupid for liking that."

Blargh. I know it's all quite ridiculous. I shouldn't let what other people think get me down, but it just happens. I have no control over it.


  1. Screw stupid ppl. You like what you like and do what you do. Find amigos that into the same stuff you like or at least wont up you down.

  2. I do the same thing, especially when people are talking about Tim Burton's work.

  3. It is not ridiculous at all. And there's nothing wrong with caring about what people think. What's important is that they are the RIGHT people (ie. ones you trust and whose opinions you respect) and that you consider their opinions for the value they might have but don't allow them to dictate what you do or how you feel.

    Everyone wants to be liked. Everyone wants friends. No one is absolutely unguarded with others. You are not so different from anyone else. We all just need to find balance.

  4. FWIW, I think you're pretty smart and you shouldn't let anybody give you grief about your choices. Just say "well it's a good thing I don't care what stupid people think."

  5. i know this feeling so very well. i like so many things my husband doen't, so why should it matter what he thinks? But, it does......