Monday, January 4, 2010

I'm Back

A lot happened over the Christmas break. As I stated in my last post, I was thinking about coming out to my parents over the break. That did not happen. My 18-year-old brother recently did something incredibly stupid (and illegal) and was causing a lot of tension in the family. I decided that I would not add fuel to the fire and cause my parents to worry about me also. I will probably wait until my brother moves out of the house to come out to them. They have enough on their plates with him still living at home.

And so Christmas came, Santa did stop by and apparantly we were all really good 'cause we didn't get any coal ;) I got some really good presents. I was SOOO excited for the $100 gift card to the brand new H&M store that opened at the Mall of Georgia. I LOVE that store so much! I got so many new clothes. Woot! Woot!

New Year's was fun. We partied with some friends, played games (I won in Scabble! And which of you doubted me?), watched Dick Clark mess up the midnight countdown (anybody else catch that? it was really funny, but kinda sad too, 'cause that man needs to retire), and had some really good food. My New Year's goal (I'm not a fan of resolutions, I like to set New Year's goals) is to start swimming again. I haven't been in a pool since I returned from my mission two years ago, and my body is showing it. ;) I really want to get back into shape like I was in high school.

To put a little damper on the Holidays, my grandfather passed away on the 30th. He was actually my mom's stepdad, but our family lived with him until I was about 3 or 4, and he has always been as good a grandfather as any, so I call him my grandpa. It wasn't unexpected, he had been sick for a while, and had gone downhill fast since Thanksgiving. But it still was hard for me. Although I hadn't kept in touch for the past few years, I still feel this powerful relationship to that wonderful man. The viewing and the funeral were today in southern Utah, so I skipped classes to pay my respects. It was a beautiful service. While I am sad that this incredible man is no longer with us, I feel that he is in a better place and is free from the pain of his broken body.

So now I'm back in Provo, ready to start school again tomorrow. I just have one class, and then work right after, so not a really busy day. But I am going swimming tomorrow morning to begin my New Years goal! Anyone want to join me? I could use a swim buddy.


  1. I am sorry you lost your grandfather. It is hard losing people you love. My thoughts are with you and your family as you continue to mourn his death.

  2. ...don't judge me...I don't know how to swim...

  3. I'm sorry about your grandfather, too. Death is one of those mysterious things that forces you to contemplate the meaning of life. I'm happy he's in a better place.


    I would go swimming with you, but I'm a terrible swimmer. There's just something about having my face submerged in water that makes me uneasy. I would kill for a swimmer build, though!

  4. Hey, I found your blog through my friend Jack-Jack's blog. I am always looking for a swim buddy. When do you go?