Monday, March 22, 2010


Have you ever wanted something so badly but you know that it would be impossible to have?  Have you ever had something so close you could (figuratively and literally) taste it, but it just couldn't ever be yours no matter how much you wished for it?

It's like something so sweet, so delicious is being dangled right in front of me.  I can smell it's intoxicating perfumes; I can feel it drawing me in like a magnet.  It's almost impossible not to be overcome by it.  I would do anything for it.  But as I reach out for it, I discover there is a glass wall maliciously placed between me and the most desirable thing.  I get frustrated and perhaps a little angry that such a great and wonderful thing suddenly becomes impossible to have.  And yet, I still keep coming back to see it, to smell it's delicious odors, to again feel it's alluring magnetism.

Right now, I am content with returning to see it so often, but is it eventually detrimental to my sanity?  Am I setting myself up for a load of hurt?  Or am I such an optimist that I really think that things may eventually change?  Am I such a sucker for happy endings that I can't see any other possibility?


  1. Are you talking about cakes behind a display glass at a bakery? If so, I totally feel for you. Cake is tantalizingly sweet and so full of delicious calories! But I'm not rich enough to buy expensive cakes or pastries. I settle for honey on toast.

  2. Hey man, I know exactly how you described this feeling. I feel that way with several things here in my life. I hope that one day you will be able to taste that desirable fruit or cake or person that is on the other side of this glass. If you need to talk about things, I am here for you man! ;)