Monday, March 1, 2010

What is a Moho?

Last week in my geography class, we began learning about the layers of the Earth.  You know, the crust, the mantle, etc.  Yeah, that stuff.  Anyway, as we were working our way down through the layers, learning about each one, I learned something that just made me laugh.  According to my textbook, "At the base of the crust there is a significant change in mineral composition.  This relatively narrow zone of change is called the Moho."   In the diagram below, the Moho is shown by the red line, just under the crust.

Yes, people, that is right.  Moho is an actual geological term.  For those who don't understand why I find this funny, "Moho" is a term that refers to a gay Mormon (i.e. me).  So, yes, I actually giggled out loud in class when I heard this.  Am I immature?  Am I in middle school when we giggled in health class everytime our teacher said "penis" or "vagina?"  I guess the only reason it is funny to me is because no one else in my class gets that there is a double entendre.  Its like a sexual innuendo in a movie.  You get it, but the person next to you doesn't. It's only funny until you have to explain it.  It kinda loses it value.  Anyway.  Sorry for rambling on.  I thought it was kinda funny.  You may not.


  1. Thank you. When I first came upon the term, I'd forgotten where I'd seen it before. Now I know.

  2. I would laugh if the hot guy you have been staring at all semester started giggling to, then you both look at each other, and he gives you a little wink!

  3. I remember finding this a while back. It made me chuckle too!

  4. It's also a nickname for folks who attended Mount Holyoke. But I giggle at this sort of thing too.

    I have male coworkers who joke about each other having a life-partner - and it somewhat makes me laugh (that they don't realize about me) and somewhat makes me mad. What're you going to do?